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Beatport Trance Mega Pack (2018-08-20)

Style: #Trance
Label: VA
Year: 2018
Audio Codec: MP3
Type rip: tracks

4Joann – Green Angel Eyes (Extended Mix).mp3
Addictive Glance – The Darkest Times (Original Mix).mp3
Airdream – Sunset (Original Mix).mp3
Alex + Blue Silence & onTune – One Step Too Far (Extended Mix).mp3
Alexander Chekomasov – Azimut (Extended Mix).mp3
Alex Wright & Allen Belg – Merida (Extended Mix).mp3
Julie Thompson, Allure – Somewhere Inside feat. Julie Thompson (Roger Shah Remix).mp3
Aly & Fila – Rebirth (Ahmed Romel Extended Remix).mp3
Arjans – Blueshift (Extended Mix).mp3
Ash K & Junior with Jeitam Osheen – Kalopsia (Original Mix).mp3
Enzo, Attila Syah – Yorkesia (Extended Mix).mp3
Axxound & Rene Dale – Mysterium (Original Mix).mp3
Baragula & Hidden Nature – Colours (Original Mix).mp3
Bernis – Atlas of Lost Cities (Extended Mix).mp3
Black XS – Failed Trip (Original Mix).mp3
CHR!S P – Skyline (Original Mix).mp3
Christina Novelli & DJ Xquizit – So Cold (Uplifting Extended Mix).mp3
Cold Stone – Expedition (Extended Mix).mp3
DIM3NSION – Plata O Plomo (Extended Mix).mp3
DIM3NSION – Plata O Plomo.mp3
Dirkie Coetzee – Astraeus (Extended Mix).mp3
DJ Marko feat. Future State – Sunrise (Original Mix).mp3
Driftmoon With Enzo – FVTVR3 (Extended Mix).mp3
DRYM & Abhishek Y2V – I Love You (Extended Mix).mp3
DRYM & Abhishek Y2V – I Love You.mp3
Expectance – Forgotten Mission (Extended Mix).mp3
Gabrielle Ag & LiveDream – Anubis (Extended Mix).mp3
Grizli Man – Crystal Universe (Original Mix).mp3
Haikal Ahmad – Endless Love (Original Mix).mp3
Ion Blue – Blue Moon (Original Mix).mp3
Jhonny Vergel – Household.mp3
John Askew – On the Rocks (Extended Mix).mp3
Josh Kaelen – Oceans (Extended Mix).mp3
Karim Farouk – Our Story.mp3
Kiyoi & Eky With Khairy Ahmed – Little Angel (Extended Mix).mp3
Lab4 – Ascension (Quade 77 Remix).mp3
Last Dream – Dark Days.mp3
Latex Zebra – Monumental (Original Mix).mp3
Maarten De Jong – Cast Iron (Extended Mix).mp3
Mahaputra – The Upper (Original Mix).mp3
Marian Closca – Ladybird (Original Mix).mp3
Network X – Krypton (Extended Mix).mp3
Rated-R – Jacked (Original Mix).mp3
Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson – Beyond Time (Extended Mix).mp3
Regressive – Inexplicable (Original Mix).mp3
Rene Ablaze & Cari – Don’t You Remember (Extended Mix).mp3
Roman Messer & Twin View – STOP (Extended Mix).mp3
Rospy – Hope Is Not Lost (Original Mix).mp3
Seif & Paula – A Dose Of Pleasure (Original Mix).mp3
Sentinel – Orbit (Extended Mix).mp3
Sergey Shabanov – Wanderer.mp3
Seven Lions & Blastoyz feat. Fiora – After Dark (Extended Mix).mp3
Sneijder – Neutralize (HP Source Remix).mp3
Solis & Sean Truby – Immortal (Original Mix).mp3
Sue McLaren – Unbroken (Extended Mix).mp3
Sulaco – Oxytocin (Original Mix).mp3
Tatana – Polarity (Original Mix).mp3
Trian – Mothallah (Original Mix).mp3
Veen Tyler – Summer Breath (Original Mix).mp3
Xijaro & Pitch – Unite Again (Extended Mix).mp3
Yuri Yavorovskiy – Krueger Of Darkness (Original Mix).mp3

Full Mega Pack|BTPRT Trance Mega Pack (20-08-2018) [EDMDL].rar|BTPRT Trance Mega Pack (20-08-2018) [EDMDL].rar|BTPRT Trance Mega Pack (20-08-2018) [EDMDL].rar|BTPRT Trance Mega Pack (20-08-2018) [EDMDL].rar|BTPRT Trance Mega Pack (20-08-2018) [EDMDL].rar